Chantelle Davison & Tom Stanhope

Chantelle Davison & Tom Stanhope

About Chantelle Davison & Tom Stanhope

In 2023, Chantelle and Tom Stanhope formed a mini-mastermind of two – and realised they shared a rather dorky obsession with AI.

Together, they identified a huge gap in ethical AI education for entrepreneurs.

They knew that many small business owners were nervous about the prospect of losing their jobs to the robots and needed a jargon-free, human-first approach to learn the ropes.

And so AI Survival Skills was born!

As creative entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the AI landscape, Chantelle and Tom knew they were perfectly placed to bridge the gap between buzzy-brained business owners and the simple, practical tools that could help them reclaim time in their hectic lives.

Through a high-level mastermind group and regular, accessible workshops, AI Survival is putting AI into the hands of small business owners that will give them a seriously unfair advantage in an AI future.

And on a personal note, Chantelle and Tom are thrilled to be leveling the playing field for other neurodiverse entrepreneurs – arming ADHD’ers with tools that let them think as fast as they work!


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