Michelle Haslam

Michelle Haslam

About Michelle Haslam

Hey! I’m Michelle Haslam and I run BizTok Academy (a TikTok membership for small business professionals). I have self-named my job title as TikTokpreneur (which essentially combines my two passions – TikTok and business growth).

I’m 44 years old and have two daughters aged 6 and 9. No pets but the kids can be a bit feral at times!

How I started and grew my business

My expertise comes from having started my own small business in affiliate marketing in May 2021 alongside a part-time 9-5 and looking after my (then) 3-year-old. Someone advised me to go on TikTok to promote my business at the time.

I was shockingly bad at it at first, but stuck with it and started making some traction after researching, learning and honing my videos to suit the platform’s algorithm. After 6 months I started making consistent sales (some of them very high ticket – i.e. £1,500+).

I realised I had cracked the whole ‘how to make money from TikTok’ conundrum and in September 2022 pivoted my business to show small business owners how to do the same thing.

Once I became an accidental influencer in March 2023, and started making consistent income from that, a new string to my bow was created and now I show others how to make an income from TikTok in two different ways


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